ReviewsFilm Views: Colombian Director Victor Gaviria on his 2005 film “Sumas y Restas” (Addictions and Subtractions)
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Film Views: Colombian Director Victor Gaviria on his 2005 film “Sumas y Restas” (Addictions and Subtractions)

“I attracted producers by giving away the property of the film. My production company had 100%, but little by little we gave the shares away at lower prices than their value. I gave 10-15% of the film at much less. You end up giving away your work, and the grants you got, giving it to the financial co-producers at half price of the film’s value, and you give it away so you can finish it. Not to finish it would be even worse, a tragedy. The film is owned by other people now. It is not mine anymore. But you will see that “Sumas y Restas” is what I wanted it to be. It was a difficult subject for investors to get involved with. But that’s critical immaturity, a weak public opinion that fears contamination. Contamination means that today’s flows of information are so dense that there’s no time to separate the signs that appear together, everything is associated… as one cause. Investors fear that kind of association. Nobody wants to be around the subject of Cocaine. There’s some kind of shame about being mixed with certain issues, but in a film the important thing is the treatment not the subject. Art is not ashamed because Art is privileged by the treatment, not by the chosen subject. A work about drug-trafficking might be crucially important for Colombia depending on how the film or the novel is treated. Those themes cannot be forbidden to Art”.

Victor Gaviria – Colombian Film Director
Interviewed by Carlos Peralta – October 2005

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