ReviewsFilm Views: Colombian Director Felipe Aljure on Filmmaking as a social form.

Film Views: Colombian Director Felipe Aljure on Filmmaking as a social form.

“I’m an optimist of Cinema. I think there are positive trends happening. If you see it from a sociological perspective, I think FILM IS INEVITABLE. Structures and policies might delay national cinemas more or less in every country, but it’s clear that human evolution goes through cinema because it is the most sophisticated form of human representation. So sophisticated… that it has created alternate realities to life itself. People see Brad Pitt on the screen and then they think he’s so cool that they want to dress like Brad Pitt and so on. Whereas 100 years ago they would have wanted to dress like their fathers or like the farmers on the field next door. So, the planet’s paradigms – the planet’s lines of evolution – have gone from Real to Virtual, with the risks that such process implies, and within that evolution process, film is an inevitable medium, it has to be heeded, and any imperfection in its form, or its difficulties, are just bits and pieces… and film, as one of the lines of human evolution, has to be taken seriously, and it has to be approached with optimism, the same optimism that life deserves. Life is not without difficulties, but that doesn’t make it bad.”

Felipe Aljure- Colombian Film Director
Interviewed by Carlos Peralta – October 2005

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