ReviewsDocumentary on Plan Colombia and the interests behind it (Noviembre 2004)

Documentary on Plan Colombia and the interests behind it (Noviembre 2004)

Free Will Productions, the independent documentary production house, has developed a very interesting document about the Plan Colombia and the civil war that still goes on in the country. The arguments, interviews and perspectives explored by the producers give insights about the conflict, the interests behind it and the consequences in a way that is never portraied by the reactionary and conglomerated media companies that control Colombian news content. It’s worth watching. It’s worth thinking about.

“Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure”

20 years of drug-wars in the Andes have actually increased cocaine imports to the U.S.

“Fumigation” has had more effect on the local populations than on coca leaf erradication.

Could there be ulterior motives to a plan focused on beefing up the local military and spraying coca-fields in rebel-held parts of the country when coca is grown all around Colombia?

Noam Chomsky, the late Senator Paul Wellstone, Colombian Green Party Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, U.S. Members of Congress John Conyers and Jim McGovern, U.S. State Department officials, a World Wildlife Fund scientist as well as many Colombians and guerilla-leaders shed light on the drug-trafficking, civil struggle and the impact of a multi-billion dollar-aid package delivered to the brutal Colombian military. Additional insights are provided on the significant factor OIL has become in the Colombian equation.

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